6 Simple Rules for Organizing Your Closet

At the start of each season, your closet can become a chaotic place as you switch between clothes for warm and cold weather. For that reason, it is a perfect time to get your space organized once and for all. That is why we want to share a few of our favorite tips and tricks for keeping your closet organized in a way that is stress-free and easy to maintain!

Rule One:

Organization is individual. Every person’s brain works in a different way, which is why your organization methods need to fit your personality, lifestyle and the way you think.

Rule Two:

We are taught that organizing a space means buying a premade system and then changing our brain to fit it. At Noa Noa Design Solutions, we like to do this in the reverse. We want you to create a system that fits the way you think, rather than buying something that forces you to change the way you think.

Rule Three:

Instead of starting this process by running out to the store and buying a bunch of boxes and drawers, try organizing with what you already have. Once you are done organizing, see what you still need and then go buy those items. You might find that you already have all the boxes and drawers that you need, or that you just need to add one or two items to your organization system!

Rule Four:

When it is time to start organizing, first take everything out of your closet. Then split what you have into three piles: things you are going to keep, things you are going to donate, and trash. Once you do this, the process of figuring out what stays and what goes just became a whole lot easier!

P.S. You may think that there isn’t trash in your closet, but you’ll be surprised! Everyone has trash in their closet.

Rule Five:

Decide whether you are a hanging person or a folding person. Don’t force yourself to be someone who you are not. If you know that you will never use hangers, then use a set of drawers to organize your clothes. If every time you open your closet your folded clothes are an absolute mess, then get those items hung up! For all of our hanger friends reading this, we recommend using these (hangers that you show in the video). They are thin and save space in your closet, and the felted cloth covering it keeps your clothes from slipping off. They are the BEST!

Rule Six:

You don’t need to color coordinate your closet for it to be organized. Everyone likes to use their own system. Some people like to separate by formal and casual clothes, others like to organize by season, some go by color, and others just don’t need their clothes organized in specific way. Don’t feel pressured to do anything specific, just do what works for you.

Now it is time for you to go get organized! We hope you like our tips and advice on getting your closet ready to be cleaned up. For more tips, check out our website!

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